3D Printed Medical Face Shields

Open Source Face Shields

At WG Face Shields, we are committed to providing healthcare providers with 3D printed face shields in light of the PPE shortage our country is facing.

Update as of 12 November: Thank you to all who have supported our efforts to help with the PPE supply shortage. We have chosen to put this effort on hiatus until further notice. Hopefully it will not be necessary to restart our efforts.

Update as of 17 August: All 2,500 were donated to OCPS in time for the first day of school!

Update as of 9 August: With schools about to start, we are currently focused on providing child-sized face shields for Orange County Public Schools in Florida. Requirement is for 2,500, with 1750 already completed to date. This will bring our total to over 13,000 delivered.

Previous update: WG Face Shields, in partnership with local makers and Blue Octy, LLC have produced and delivered over 10,500 printed or injection-molded face shields, as well as several thousand “ear savers” to numerous healthcare providers and first responders throughout the country.


Made with PET-G filament and acetate, these shields are able to be decontaminated and reused.


With varying sizes and adjustable bands available, our shields can fit most adults.


The design has been made in conjunction with the Czech healthcare system by Prusa3D.


WG Face Shields is a not for profit group providing PPE supplies for the healthcare industry.

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Reach out if you are in need of supplies, or are interested in volunteering with us.

Special Thanks

Thank you to Kaman Corporation for generous assistance with supplies.