Want to help?

Due to an increased outreach of volunteers, we have now added a page where you can download the print files we are using! It is a work in progress as we aggregate all of the files our different teams are using, but we do have STL files ready for download.

Please note that we suggest using PET-G filament, as it has been the most durable compared to PLA. This does not, however, mean that PLA cannot be used if this is what is available to you.

If you have any questions regarding materials, print settings, file extensions, etc… feel free to reach out through our contact page and we will assist however we can.

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8 thoughts on “Want to help?

  1. Wow could you please email me how to get the all the necessary items and 3D programs to make the mask. My grandson has a 3D printer. This would be a great thing for us to in a small way to help.


  2. If your able to ship one to me, I’ll pay for shipping.
    637 East Rd
    Middletown NJ 07748


  3. Hi. I’m from Lodi California just sitting here wanting to help.
    Do you have an address where I can send you a check to help you at least buy materials?
    Thank you for what you are doing


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