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Our Shields

The outpouring of support over the last week has been amazing. Thank you to everyone that has reached out. We wanted to take a minute to feature our healthcare workers that are using our shields. Cornerstone Hospice is one of our first requests we received, and we’re glad they are happy with the shields! EveryoneContinue reading “Our Shields”

60 Second Tutorial

Have one of our shield kits but unsure how to put it together? It’s easy! Takes only 60 seconds to do. Take a look!

Want to help?

Due to an increased outreach of volunteers, we have now added a page where you can download the print files we are using! It is a work in progress as we aggregate all of the files our different teams are using, but we do have STL files ready for download. Please note that we suggestContinue reading “Want to help?”

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